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Potato peeler machine SKM-802

Potato peeler machine is used for peeling potatoes in the chips production line.

This machine has a rotary system. The potatoes enter this part after the washing and rinsing stage, then they are rubbed against the inner wall of the peeling chamber and peeled off. Subsequently, the potato is transferred to the slicer machine to be sliced.

Products Patato
Working System Electromechanical – Pneumatic
Dimensions Length 150 Width 100 Height 180cm
Body Material Steel
Packing Speed 50 to 200 kg/ Hour According to the material
Electricity 380V Three-Phase power consumption


  1. Fully automatic with high peeling capacity
  2. Special sandpapers inside the main tank for easier peeling
  3. Can be used in production lines of chips, semi-prepared potatoes



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