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Frequently Asked Questions

Design and manufacture of food processing and packaging machines for lines (legumes – nuts – spices – fresh and dried vegetables – dates – sugar – chips – puffs – popcorn) and a variety of granular – powder – weighing – dry packaging machines Fruit peels – can filling – bag filling – and ……

Weighing packaging machines operate on the basis of weighing or weighing by having digital scales that measure and package the weight of the product. Going means a two-weight packaging machine with two scales – a four-weight packaging machine with four scales and..

The difference between these two devices is the speed of operation and the speed of packing, so that the four weights have more speed in packing due to having more scales.

Types of granular materials, including sugar, salt, sugar, tea, beans, nuts, chips, puffs, popcorn, etc., and any substance that is in the form of granules.

Types of powdered materials – flour – spices – food powders – chemical powders – medicinal powders and all substances that are in the form of powder and flour.

Yes, these devices are fully automatic.

All steps of installation and personnel training are performed by the technicians of Sanat Karan Motahed Company at the buyer’s place.

To use these devices, air compressor, three-phase or single-phase electricity, cellophane of opp type, tresbafon, metallization, oyster, etc. are required.

No, anyone with any level of education can easily work with these devices.

All devices made by this company have an 18-month warranty and 20 years of after-sales service.

Yes, all devices are made in Iran and are made using domestic technology.

Yes, today, with the development of human societies and the industrialization of human life, the human need to prepare healthy and immediate food is felt more and more, and the discussion of food processing and packaging is one of the priorities of every country, so this is one of the useful things to do. The profitability is so high that anyone can start with even a small amount of capital.

Yes, this company, using expert force and high technical knowledge, has produced machines in small dimensions and sizes with the same efficiency of industrial devices that different people with any job and title can use these devices in home-shop-workshop environments. Small-village-home parking and… use.

Yes, you can visit the factory address every day from 8 am to 5 pm and visit our permanent exhibition.

Contact numbers of our consultants and sales experts +98264452660 – The sales companion is ready to serve you.

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