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Potato blanching machine SKM-804

After slicing process, the potato blanching machine is placed in the chips production line. At this stage, the sugar and starch of potato is decreased to a desired extent in the blanching machine through cold water.

Otherwise, the produced chips will not be dry and crispy.

This machine has a moving horizontal drum with cold water spray system; the first step of blanching is carried out by this machine. It is fully automatic and has an all-steel body.

Products Potato
Working System Electromechanical
Dimensions Length 200 Width 110 Height180 cm
Body Material  Steel
Packing Speed 50to 200 kg/ Hour According to the material
Electricity 380V Three-Phase power consumption
  1. Special plumbing and water supply system
  2. Speed and round control system
  3. Usable in chips production lines, semi-prepared potatoes, sliced potato, traditional chips, etc.



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