Sanat Karan Motahed Designer, Manufacturer Packaging Machines 

Pressed Sugarloaf Production Line SKM-701

Utilized in order to produce sugarloaves from sugar using a simple and inexpensive method in a minimum space of 150 square meters.

In this production system, the sugar is first milled and then mixed with water vapor and pressed into special molds using the pressure provided by a hydraulic jack. The molds are then emptied and transported by cart into the warm-house and dried and become ready for consumption after a certain length of time.

Products Sugarloaf
Working System Electromechanical – Hydraulic
Dimensions Length 120 Width 100 Height 290 cm
Body Material Iron with electrostatic coating
Packing Speed 1 Ton / Hour
Electricity 380V Three-Phase power consumption
  1. using 12 molds
  2. Accessories include a sugar lift, a sugar mill, mixer, sugar pressing unit



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