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Chocolate Enrobing Machine SKM-511

Date chocolate machine is used to cover biscuits, cakes, dates, etc. with chocolate. After processing, the intended product enters the machine and the chocolate liquid is poured on the product in a molten form.

Products Chocolate, Date palm
Working System Electromechanical
Dimensions Length 120 Width 110 Height 170 cm
Body Material Steel
Control System PLC System
Packing Speed 250 Kg/Hour According to the material
Electricity 380V Three-Phase power consumption


  1. Horizontal hopper to create chocolate curtains
  2. Create an air curtain to adjust the amount of chocolate layer and removing extra chocolate
  3. Ability to coat chocolate on the lower part of the product or complete coating
  4. Double-walled chocolate storage tank with element
  5. Tank temperature control with digital thermostat
  6. Full electric panel with speed control system



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