Sanat Karan Motahed Designer, Manufacturer Packaging Machines 

Permanent exhibition of food industry and related equipment

Permanent exhibition of food industry and related equipment
You and your esteemed collection are hereby invited to visit and join the first permanent exhibition of food industry and related equipment.


The services provided in this exhibition are:

Permanent exhibition of machinery and equipment
Food, Beverage, Agriculture and Pharmaceutical Machinery Exchange
Consumer stock exchange (cellophane, carton, can, PET, etc.)
Installation, updating and commissioning of domestic and foreign machines
Import of required machines from abroad
Export, import, customs clearance and customs services
Creating a showcase of products of domestic manufacturers
Creating production process training classes and working with machines and entrepreneurship training
Cooperation with educational and research centers in the implementation of entrepreneurial projects

Company registration services, brand registration and all legal matters
Comprehensive database of machine builders and machine manufacturers in the country
Consulting services for setting up factories from the beginning to the end
Providing raw materials needed for factory production
Presentation and implementation of technology-based justification designers
Cooperation with financial institutions and banks to obtain facilities
Introducing top manufacturers to domestic and foreign customers
Stock of domestic and used machines
Industrial real estate database throughout Iran

12 km of Karaj-Qazvin highway, the third exit after Kordan bridge, in front of Setareh flour factory
09013300586 Exhibition space 2000 square meters

Packaging Machinery Exchange
Exchange equipment and packaging supplies
Food, beverage, agriculture and pharmaceutical industries
Iran Machine Builders Database
Import of foreign machines
Machinery installation services
Cooperation with educational centers and universities
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