Sanat Karan Mottahed

Sanatkaran Mottahed Company was founded in 1990 in Karaj. The company has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certifications and European CE marking. By designing and manufacturing food processing and packaging machines, this complex has so far succeeded in launching and equipping several factories in the country and exporting them to different countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, the Persian Gulf countries, Central Asia, Germany, Canada, Poland, Macedonia, Africa, etc.

The company’s main activities include the production of machinery for processing and packaging of cereals, beans, dried fruits, nuts, spices, fresh and dried vegetables and fruits, sugar, tea and herbal teas, dates, chips, puffs, popcorn, chocolate, olives and types of packaging machines (cellophane, cans, cartons, bags, etc.).

The company has always tried to design high quality devices in accordance with the latest standards in the world, using the best raw materials and technical knowledge of Iranian experts. The company is also able to manufacture machines to customer’s order.

Dear customer, wherever you are in this vast world, you can use the machines manufactured by Sanatkaran Mottahed Company and benefit from the installation and commissioning services and training about all devices by the technicians of this company.

For any information and advice on buying machinery of the food and packaging industries, you can apply through the following communication channels.

Factory Address: Sanat Karan Mottahed Company, 12 km of Karaj – Qazvin Highway, Gol Makian Street, Karaj, Alborz province
Factory Telephone: +982644525501 – 5
Sales: 09128402270
Management: +989125662920

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